Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Storytime Spooktacular": Multimedia Story #1

For my multimedia assignment, I am going to cover the story time "Spooktacular" at Barnes and Noble in Towson. This event is for toddlers and young children to listen to Halloween stories and get some pre trick-or-treating treats before they go out to trick-or-treat or just instead of going out at all if they are too young. It starts at 6:30pm and is expected to last for about a half an hour. I plan to definitely use the story time reader as a source and in additional talk to the event organizers, parents and maybe children (if they're old enough), and possibly employees at Barnes and Noble. Some of the potential questions I may ask are (to parents) why did you decide to come out tonight? Do you feel it was worth it/did your child enjoy it? Did it help to put you in the Halloween spirit/mood? Was it better than going to trick-or-treat? (to the reader/organizer) What made you decide to have a night time Halloween special story time? Do you feel it was a success? Are you going to make this an annual tradition? . Covering this event, unlike the last event/story we did, there must be a picture. So, some of the picture possibilities I'm thinking about are a group shot during the readings, individual children listening, children doing Halloween activities and maybe kids and their parents listening together.


jatwater said...

Hi Rachel,
What are you going to cover now that you decided not to cover the event at the bookstore?

rachel rothwell said...

I'm pretty sure Im going to cover the crucible play from saturday but I play attend one of the election events tomorrow and see if thats a better story