Monday, November 17, 2008

Towson's efforts to go green

The event I plan on covering is tomorrow's GA for University Residence government. URG is an organization that represents all the students in residence halls as well as providing events for the students living on campus and promotes student concerns. As part of their efforts to help Towson go green, URG ensures that every floor in every residence hall has a way to recycle and as well have created a new position to help plan going green events. For my potential sources I plan on using Chelsea Harris, who is the director of special projects(basically event planner) as well as the Kathrine Douraghty, who is in the new position concerning going green. As well, I will be attending the executive board meeting so I will potentially use all the board members and in addition the building reps. Some questions I have are do feel your recycling plan is working and helpful to students, what other going green plans/events do have, why do you feel going green is important to Towson/URG/residents, what prompted you all to create this new ex. board position?. Some photo opportunities are the executive board meeting, the actual GA, and pictures of the recycling in the residence halls. For audio opportunities, I would like to use discussions during the GA or an interview with Katherine.

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