Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My slideshow

For my slideshow, I will be focusing on Alex Hendricks.Hendricks is a Towson University senior and plays club lacrosse and works as building manager in Burdick Hall. I chose Alex becuase I wanted to focus on an athele for this story to see what motivates them and drives to not only be better in their sport, but in their personal life as well. I plan to include pictures of him working in the gym Burdick, playing on the team (if they have an upcoming game) and including pictures and natural sound of the lacrosse team's practices.


Katelyn said...

Alex sounds like a great person to cover because not only is he an athlete but he also works in the gym. He is obviously someone who likes to keep in shape and can be very influential to people who are trying to get in better shape.

jatwater said...

I think this story will tie-in well with your beat.