Friday, February 6, 2009


In my blog this semester, my beat will be fitness and dieting on campus. I will be blogging about topics such as which diets work best on campus, the best group exercise classes on campus, workout tips and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on campus.

As someone who has both lost and gained weight throughout my life and a chronic dieter, I am truly passionate about my beat. In eighth grade I went on weight watchers and lost about 35 lbs, which I kept off throughout high school. However, once I got to college, that changed. I found it hard to stay healthy campus with a meal plan and pretty much gave up, gaining twenty extra pounds along the way. Over the summer, I had a wake up call and decided this school year I would make an effort to lose the weight and stay healthy, which helped me shed about 15 of those 20 extra pounds.

After talking with a lot of my friends and seeing increased crowd at gym in January, apparently a lot of other college students are trying to stay healthy and lose weight as well. Hopefully, my blog can help Towson students reach their health goals and gain knowledge on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So get ready and be sure to read my post next week!

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jatwater said...

Sounds good, Rachel. Your personal perspective on the topic will add to your blog.