Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blog #2: What's in Rachel Youens Backpack? and Elemets of Style Handbook, What it really says about Jared Silfies as a Journalist

Rachel Youens currently works at the Community Impact Newspaper in Austin, Texas as an assistant editor. As the assistant editor, Rachel oversees freelance writers and the design and quality of the writing from the computer. In addition, she also posts videos and original photo slides to coincide with the news stories. So what do I think Rachel Youens carries in her mobile journalism kit, aka her backpack? Well, first and foremost, a laptop computer so that she's able to log in and do all her "overseeing" work for the Community Impact and update her blogs and pod casts. Another important element of her backpack would be a digital camera and portable video camera. This way Rachel can capture the hot topic news stories and post them online so readers get a little extra with their news story. In addition, I'm sure she has a cell phone on her at all times with Internet access so that she's always able to check her email for incoming news stories and the writer's incoming stories. As an editor, Rachel probably also carries some kind of grammatical handbook as well as a dictionary in order to efficiently and accurately proof read the writer's stories.

Jared carries in his backpack a copy of Elements of Style. Elements of Style is resource book that basically explains all the rules of writing. This book makes the statement that Jared is a serious journalist and wants to be taken seriously. Clearly, Jared uses this book to ensure he has no mistakes what so ever in his stories. The Elements of Style book also reveals that Jared is a smart journalist. No body is perfect or knows everything about spelling and grammar but with this book as a reference guide, Jared won't be making stupid mistakes like putting a comma where they shouldn't be or using the wrong tense.

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