Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finding a story: Press Release vs. Orginal Reporting

Today, The Baltimore Sun did a story announcing Raven's quarterback Troy Smith is now healthy enough to begin working with the team again, "Smith healthly enough to work out". August 22, Smith developed "severe tonsillitis" and later lost 20lbs. after struggling with a blood clot in his neck which led to a lung infection. Although it is unclear when he will be cleared to play, yesterday Smith began "light conditioning work". I believe this story was generated by a press release, meaning a PR practitioner brought a topic(in this case Troy Smith returning to practice) to journalist and the journalist follows up on the story. One reason I believe this is because not only does the story announce Troy's return, but the reporter provides background information on Smith's previous season, saying he completed 53% of his passes for 370 yards and two touchdowns. Also, the story gives the readers more information about Smith's condition, what hospital he was at and who the Raven's plan to use as quarterback until Troy Smith recovers.
http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/football/bal-tsmith-pg,0,1523594.photogallery (picture link)
On the other hand, reporters also use original reporting, using their own devices to find a story. Take for example, this story in The New York Times, "For Stadium Seating, City Officials demand luxe". This story uncovers how New York officials are demanding luxury suites at both the Met and Yankees stadium and in addition are able to buy 145 tickets to every Mets home game and 180 tickets to every Yankees home game before they go on sale to the public. Clearly this reporter searched out his sources such as, Mr. Pinksy, who is the president of the Economic Development Corporation and Mr. Doctoroff, who works for the Bloomberg LP., and who recently demanded a suite . Also, due to the investigative and slanderous nature of this story, one can tell it was not something a PR agent would want leaked out to the news.

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