Thursday, September 18, 2008

Twiitter Headlines!

Recently in class, we learned about the 1-2-3 filing technique, where first it's a simple 50 character headline, second, follow up with 130 character summery then tell the story in a 500 word report. However, not all stories require step three, like our twitter assignment we did in class Wednesday. Now let's take a look at three students headlines! First, we'll discuss student Leah Martin's. Her headlines followed the rules in terms of character length, however, I though she could have worded some of her 130 character headlines so that they are a little more to the point. Next, let's examine Carrie Wood's headlines. She did a very good job and was able to not only answer the 5W's and H but was able to be creative about it. For example, in the article regarding Towson's hiring freeze, she said, "Hiring in University of Maryland system frozen solid". Not only does that inform the audience but it draws them in. Finally, look at Steven's twitter headlines. He did a good job as well, using active voice and in addition, he made sure that his 130 character follow up added on to his simple headline and gave a little more information.

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